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Services I Offer

You Are Never On Your Own

Parenting Coach

$1,200  |  Three Weeks

Wow, becoming a parent is such an amazing blessing, and yet...being a parent is the hardest job in the world! It affects our own self-worth and mental health at times; our relationships with friends, family, and our partner; and even our efficacy in the workplace. Getting a handle at home can make all the difference in your life as a whole.

15-Minute Consultation


I offer a complimentary 15-minute call to answer your questions and see how I can best help your family.

Newborn Package
(0~3 months)

$500  |  Two Weeks

Congratulations! This sweet phase is also the easiest as there are no bad habits to break. In just 2 weeks you will guide your little angel to develop sleep skills that set the foundation for lifelong restful habits.

Baby Package 
(4~18 months)

$700  |  Two Weeks

This package consists of a 1-hour consultation in order to create a unique and personalized plan for you and your baby. The program runs 2 weeks and includes follow-up calls to ensure success.

Toddler Package 

(18 months ~ 3 Years)

$800  |  Three Weeks

Toddlers often need a little more time to get in the groove of change, so this package includes the usual 1-hour consultation and 3 weeks of individual attention as well as follow-up care.

 Older Children

(4~12 Years)

$850  |  Three Weeks

Older children are given 3 weeks of individualized support to get their sleep on track. As with all other services, follow-up consults are provided in addition to the initial 1-hour consultation.

Add a Sibling

$250  |  Each Sibling

Add a younger sibling to any package! It wouldn't be fair to give the gift of sleep to only one child.

*Package and add-on must be purchased at the same time.