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"Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together"

Thomas Dekker

What Is A Sleep Consultant?

Great question! A sleep consultant is a trained “coach” who helps to educate and guide parents in facilitating their child's ability to develop independent sleeping skills. These good sleeping habits allow your child to learn how to fall asleep without external assistance. Give children the gift of falling asleep on their own...

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Sleep Consulting Packages

With You Every Step Of The Way...

Newborn Phase
(0 - 3 months)

It's new to all of you!

Whether you're currently expecting your bundle of joy AND expecting big changes to your sleep, or you've already welcomed your new addition, this is the perfect time to set the foundation for healthy sleep habits.


Baby Sleep
(4 - 18 months)

Babies smell just as sweet when they're asleep...

This may be a confusing stage. Is my baby hungry? What is an appropriate bedtime? Will any of us ever sleep again? The good news is that your baby is more than ready and able to learn the necessary skills to sleep independently (and you're probably ready to get your evenings back!).

Toddler Sleep
(18 months - 3 years)

The only job a toddler has is to rule the Universe! 

He's pushing boundaries, her favorite word is "no," and saying "yes" to "just one more..." has become its own routine in your home. Welcome to toddlerhood. Give these energetic little ones the consistency they crave and you will all be sleeping soundly in no time.

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Older Children Need Sleep, Too
(4 - 12 years)

Their future depends on their dreams. So, help them sleep.

Sleep difficulties in older children are often misunderstood as behavioral problems. However, kids deal with anxiety and stress beginning at such a young age and bedtime is where it tends to show up as an issue. But, guess what? Proper sleep is the answer.


Get Everyone Sleeping Well

Add a younger sibling to any package!


Additional sleep, family, and personal coaching services are available. Please contact me for more information

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